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The Glade Care Home has operated for over 20 years and is one of the country’s premier facilities for providing high quality care. The function of The Glade is to provide the elderly residents with care and/or support in a residential setting. In addition to the basic requirements of accommodation and facilities The Glade aims to provide a highest standard of care. The way in which this care is provided is centred around a planned program of care and also encompasses certain principles in its implementation such as privacy, dignity and autonomy and the rights of the residents. Our aim is to provide seamless continuity of care and our well-trained staff work hard to ensure that everyone’s personal desires and preferences are respected. Our residents always feel valued.

We Take Personal Approach To every patient

care” is just not a word.

Each resident has a care plan which is reviewed every month in which they are asked to state their wishes in regard to not only their medical/physical expectations but also their emotional and social aspirations.

We continually encourage and enable our residents to stay fit through providing a good diet and exercise programs.

Fulfillment is a principle aim of the care process and all residents are encouraged to achieve their potential physically, intellectually and socially. This potential will inevitably vary with the individual but whatever their physical or mental condition the objective remain the same.

Individuality and independence is to be maintained as much as is reasonably possible and routines are to be dictated by the resident and not by the routine of staff or the house. Each resident is entitled to as much privacy and/or seclusion as they wish and need not participate in any activity if they do not wish to do so.

The ultimate and overriding objectives are the residents happiness, safety and security. It is intended that observance of the principals outlined will lead to as good a life as possible within the residential setting. Emotional and cultural needs are as important as physical needs and residents have the right to take risks when they are able to assess the risk involved themselves.

"Kind and tender carers share a personal commitment to provide outstanding resident care and responsibility to do our absolute best every day. Serving our residents and their families is truly a labour of love."

Chris Curnin Owner Of The Glade Care Home
Christopher Curnin

Thinking about a relative moving into a residential care home can be a difficult and emotional experience. You will want to do your best to ensure your relative receives good quality care to meet their needs and that they will be happy and comfortable.

If you’re wondering what kind of help would be best for your relative or friend, we can give you some guidance about the options, day-to-day living arrangements and how to pay for care.